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                               Today I am here with you again with a new blog.  The topic about which I am going to discuss with you today, many people hear about it in today's time but due to not having much information about it, they are not able to use it.  The topic I am talking about today is digital marketing, 

                    Nowadays everyone uses the Internet.  Online shopping, chatting, bill payment, ticket booking, online transaction, hotel booking etc.... we can do all this work anywhere and at any time through the internet.  Day by day internet is making our life better.  

                   Where to go in simple words, digital marketing means that there is a large group of products/services using digital technologies on the internet.  In which we use advertisement and any digital medium through mobile phone, through laugh any website or any app.  

                      you can also say That digital marketing is an advanced system based on the internet.  Which can create and transmit their output value from producer to terminal consumer through a digital network.  Looking at all these amenities, the interest of most people in digital marketing is increasing.

                               Digital marketing is the reaction of marketing our things, products, our services with the help of digital means. And we do all this through the internet and digital marketing through our mobile through laptop computers through any website or  Can connect through any app.

History of Digital Marketing 

                             If we talk about the history of digital marketing, it is believed that the first digital marketer was Guglielmo Marconi because he was the inventor of the first radio but according to some people the era of digital marketing has started in 1971 when the most first email was sent which was sent by Ray Tomlinson himself but if we talk about the real digital marketing era then it started from 1990 because at that time the first search engine was born, in 1993 the first click banner went live on the website  Online advertisements were made by companies called banner ads, bought hard words for their advertisements, Yahoo was also invented in 1994 and then people started searching for their information on the website.

Market Status

                    If we look at the market status regarding digital marketing, then we will see that more than 80% of the people of the world do an online search before buying anything, so that they can know about the price of that product and its benefits. Digital marketing has become very important nowadays for a company or any big business.

What is taught in digital marketing?

                  Digital marketing is taught how you can sell your product by showing it to your audience. By doing video promotion, you can sell your product through your advertisement through search engines, through digital marketing, the value of the brand of any company can be increased, due to which people easily remember the name of the company.

How can you do digital marketing 

                    you can promote your product by making a video of its points, nowadays many companies use big stars on TV to tell people about their product.  Asks YouTubers to review their products, for which they are also paid a lot of money.

What are the qualifications needed to make a career in digital marketing?

                            if you want to make a career in digital marketing but you do not know what qualification you should have for this, then I would like to tell you that to make a career in this, I would like to tell you It is not necessary to have special qualifications, if you are 12th or graduate then you can easily do digital marketing course, nowadays digital marketing courses are conducted in many institutes.

What are the types of digital marketing?                                        Digital marketing is a very big topic here it has become very wide and day by day it is expanding more, for this reason, it is divided into many different channels, and there are many types in it. We will know in further detail 

1. Search engine marketing

                   You must have heard about Search Engine Marketing SEO, whose full form is Search Engine Optimization but have you ever heard about SEM, its full form is Search Engine Marketing, you must have heard about it. You must have heard that nowadays there is an important and popular term in online marketing, both of which are an important part of digital marketing, but there is a difference between these two SEO is done to bring organic traffic to a blog or website search engines. Marketing is used to increase online sales and attract more customers.

2. Social Media Marketing 

                        We all know that there is no shortage of traffic on social media nowadays, in such a situation, you can easily find people related to all types of fields on social media, whether it is from doctors to astronauts Companies easily run their ad campaigns on these social sites and easily attract an audience and increase their sales.

3. Influencer Marketing 

                      You must have often heard on social media that today's new generation does not consider themselves less than an influencer. People who have the power to impress others are called influencers. If you ask to do it, it is called Influencer Marketing. Nowadays you must have seen that there are many such influencers on YouTube whose followers are spread all over the world in million, in such a situation when promoting a brand or product there, then the number millions. In this, the product reaches the people, which benefits the company a lot.

4. Affiliate Marketing 

        Whenever we sell a product online, we have to pay its ad money on every view and click, then no one buys or buys this product, but Affiliate Marketing is a technique in which you have to give your advertisement and that The company does not have to pay any money on the click, only the money has to be paid on the sale of that product.

5. Email marketing 

               When you send a marketing message to your product review email, it is called email marketing, in which the company sends an email to its customers and informs them about the offers and discounts on their new products.

6. Content Marketing 

         In today's time, content marketing is the most famous and effective method of online marketing, in which high-quality content is written by targeting keywords related to any product or service and with the help of which the customer is attracted more.

7. Blogging 

                        In today's time, blogging is also a good way of digital marketing, through this you can interact with your customers, you can also improve the SEO and ranking of your website, in this, you can give the details of your product to the people and can attract your customer.

8. Video Marketing

                  Nowadays there is a multitude of videos on Instagram on YouTube. This is the best and biggest platform for marketing, there are a lot of audiences here, if you want, you can upload your product by making a video or you can also promote your product from a YouTuber.

9. Paid Promotion 

                   Last But Not The List When you open your company, you adopt new ways to bring growth to your audience like giving ads on google, giving ads on Facebook, giving ads on Twitter etc. Many things come with paid promotion. this helps in boosting your company's audience, such as Facebook and Google add a website, you can increase the demand for your product by choosing to add all these sites.

Benefits of Digital Marketing 

                  People often have questions that are the benefit of digital marketing, then I want to tell you that if you are the owner of a company or have become a businessman, you are dreaming of opening your company, then digital marketing is very important for you. Marketing is very beneficial, today I am going to tell you about some of its Benefits 

1. you can take your business forward faster through digital marketing. 

2. Through email marketing, you can keep the customers updated. 

3. With the suggestions given by the customers, you can make your product even better. 

4  Stay connected with your customer through blogging.

  5 You can tell your customers well about your product and its quality and beware of duplicate products.

 6. With the help of digital marketing, you can make more and more customers.

Digital marketing course and fees?

                            Digital marketing course is conducted in many institutes, and the fee structure of all is different, but still, for a digital marketing course, you may have to pay fees from 10000 to 7000 annually.

Often people have a question.

           whether it is difficult to do digital marketing, then I would like to tell you that doing digital marketing is not difficult at all, you can do digital marketing in all these ways which I have told you above.

                              We hope that you will like the information given by us.  If you want to know more about this or want to get information about any other topic, then please write in the comment box, if we have made any mistake while writing this article, then forgive us for that and comment on s.  Tell us so that we can provide you with good information with a great improvement in our upcoming article.


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