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                          Hello friends, today I am here with you with a new blog.  From today my blog is daily's current affair question answer which is most important for all exams. let's start.

                            "30 August Current Affairs "

1. When is small industries day celebrated ?

Ans - 30 August.
2. Who had launched National GIS  enabled Land Bank system ?
Ans - Piyush Goyal.
3. Who is the author of running towards mystery " The Adventure of an Unconventional life"
Ans - Tenjin Priyadarshi.
4. Which state has won Indian Express Technology Sabha Award 2020 ?
Ans - Telgana.
5. Which scheme has been started by the Uttarakhand government recently?
Ans - Chief Minister Udiyman Khiladi Upgradation Scheme.
6. Who became the first player to play 100 matches in all three formats in international cricket?
Ans - Virat Kohli.
7. When is National Sport Day celebrated recently ?
Ans - 29 August.
8. Who has won the 28th Abu Dhabi Masters Chess Tournament ?
Ans - Arjun Erigasi.
9.In a major initiative to achieve indigenization in the armed forces, the Indian Navy will use 100% indigenous how many mm high explosive AK-630 guns?
Ans - 30 millimeter.
10. Which district has been declared as the best aspirational district in India?
Ans - Haridwar.
11. Which edition of the Joint Committee meeting was held between the Ministry of MSME and the Ministry of Trade, Enterprise and Cooperation of the Republic of Mauritius for cooperation in the field of MSME?
Ans - Third.
12. In which city did Prime Minister Narendra Modi address the Khadi festival?
Ans - Ahmedabad.
13. An agreement has been signed between National Ganga Mission for Clean Ganga and whom for the development of sewage treatment plants of Agra under hybrid annuity mode?
Ans - Uttar Pradesh Jal Nigam & Vishwa raja Environment.

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