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Hello friends,
                          Hello friends, today I am here with you with a new blog.  From today my blog is daily's current affair question answer which is most important for all exams. let's start.

                                 " 1st September 2022 "

1. When is International Women's Day celebrated?

Ans - 8 March.

2. The book Indian Banking in Retrospect 75 years of Independence is authored by?

Ans - Dr Ashutosh Raravikar.

3. Where is the 50th Akhil Shumang Leela Festival 2021-2022 organized?

Ans - Manipur.

4. Which state's Chief Minister has launched CM Ashok Khiladi Uunyan Yajna?

Ans - Uttrakhand.

5. When has the International Day for the People of African Origin been celebrated recently?

Ans - 31 August.

6. Recently who has become the second state to implement the National Education Policy 2020?

Ans - Madhya Pradesh.

7. Who has become the most expensive selling player in Pro Kabaddi League recently?

Ans - Pradeep Narwal.

8. Which country has recently hosted the last meeting of agricultural experts of BIMSTEC countries?

Ans - India.

9. Which country has recorded the highest increase in west Nile virus cases recently?

Ans - Russia.

10. Recently Shantilal Jain has become the MD & CEO of which bank?

Ans - Indian Bank.

11. Which state government has recently announced to set up of a spice park in Chikmagalur?

Ans - Karnataka.

12. Which state government has recently announced a package of ₹ 317 crores for Sri Lankan refugees?

Ans - Tamilnadu.

13. Which medal was won by Sumit Atil in the javelin throw in Tokyo Paralympics recently?

Ans - Gold medal. ( 68.55)

14. Who has been appointed as the independent director of HSBC Asia recently?

Ans - Rajnish Kumar.

15. Which country has recently reported the first death from the Pfizer vaccine?

Ans - New zealand.

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