6 September Current Affairs


Hello friends,
                          Hello friends, today I am here with you with a new blog.  From today my blog is daily's current affair question answer which is most important for all exams. let's start. 

                                   " 6 September Current Affairs"

1. When is international Charity Day celebrated?
Ans - 5 September.

2. How many teachers were honoured with National Teacher Award by the President on Teachers Day?
Ans - 46 Teachers.

3. In which country the first statue of ' Swami Vivekananda Ji has been installed?
Ans -  Latin America.

4. Which state government launched the Rural Backyard Piggery Scheme?
Ans - Meghalaya.

5. Which Bangladeshi cricketer has announced his retirement from T20 International cricket? 
Ans - Mushfiqur Rahim.

6. Recently, Indian Army Chief General Manoj Pandey reached which country on a four-day visit?
Ans -  Nepal.

7. Which medal has been won by ' Anishka Biyani in the Malaysian chess competition?
Ans - Gold Medal.

8. To which country did the Defence Minister of India leave for a five-day visit in September 2022?
Ans -  Japan and Magnolia.

9. Who has received an Emmy Award for voice in the documentary ' Our Great National Parks'?
Ans - Barack Obama.

10. Who among the following launched the anthem and mascot of the 36th National Games?
Ans - Amit Shah.

11. According to the new IMF report recently, which country has become the fifth largest economy in the world?
Ans - India.

12. Which state was recently fined by the National Green Tribunal for violating waste management rules?
Ans - West Bengal.       

13. Who recently won the 2022 Dutch F1 Grand Prix?
Ans -  Max Verstappen.  

14. Who among the following has been appointed as the Executive Chairmen of the National Legal Services Authority?
Ans - Justice D. Y. Chandrachud.   

15. Who has gone on a five-day visit to Mongolia and Japan?
Ans - Rajnath Singh.

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