8 September Current Affairs

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                  today I am here with you with a new blog.  From today  I am adding daily's current affair question answer which is most important for all exams.  So let's start.

                "8 September Current Affairs"



 1. Recently, who was honoured by the President of Nepal with the honorary post of General of Nepal Army?Ans - General Manoj Pandey.

2. What has been decided by the Central Government to rename the historic Rajpath and Central Vista Lawn in the national capital Delhi?

Ans - Duty Path.

3. According to the recently released NCRB report, which state is on top in terms of rape?

Ans - Rajasthan.

4. Who has signed an MoU with UK-based Smiths Detection to offer an advanced high-power scanning system in the Indian market?

Ans - BEL ( Bharat Electronics Limited ).

5. Recently who has become the third richest person in the world?

Ans - Gotham Adani.

6. Which state has recently launched the Global Startup Challenge "Verturize"?

Ans - Karnataka.

7. The Government of India has approved the annual commemoration of "Hyderabad Liberation Day". When will this event be started?

Ans - 17 September.

8. Which country's largest warship HMS Prince of Wales has been damaged recently?

Ans - UK.

9. According to the current growth rate of the State Bank of India Research Report, by which year will India overtake Germany?

Ans - 2027.

10. Who is Miss Diva Universe recently?

Ans - Divita Rai.

11. Where has the world's largest religious monument "The Temple of Vedic Planetarium" been built recently?

Ans - West Bengal.

12. Who recently visited Suva Fiji from 1 to 3 September 2022 as part of its operational deployment in the Pacific Ocean?

 Ans - INS Satpuda.

13. Recently the Chief Minister of which state launched the Rural Backyard Piggy Scheme?

Ans-  Meghalaya.

14.  Recently Indian Railways said that Meghdoot machines have been installed.

Ans - Mumbai station.

15. Recently became the Managing Director and CEO of Mercedes Benz India

Ans - Santosh Iyer.

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